Ideal – Ayn Rand’s Posthumous Novel

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Mark Hamilton founded Neothink, which includes writings and philosophies on a wide range of subjects. One of the authors who inspired Mark Hamilton in the creation of Neothink was Ayn Rand, best known for books such as Atlas Shrugged.

In 2015, Rand’s book Ideal was published posthumously. The book tells the story of an actress named Kay Gonda, on the run after being suspected of killing a billionaire with whom she’d had dinner. Equipped with letters from six different fans, she seeks help from them but is disappointed until she meets her last fan, who frames himself to save her.

Although Rand wrote this book in 1934, it remained unknown by her many fans for decades. The play version of this work was published in the collection The Early Ayn Rand. At the time she wrote it, Rand was 29 and working as a screenwriter in Hollywood. Unable to find a producer who would take on the project, Rand went on to publish other work. Ideal had a critical reception because of a perceived lack of conflict in the story.


Grand Canyon Skywalk Gets Cleaned in 2016

Mark Hamilton, Neothink pic
Mark Hamilton, Neothink

Mark Hamilton is the founder and owner of the Neothink Society, which was inspired by the work of his father, scientist Frank Wallace. Beyond his work with Neothink, Mark Hamilton contributed to the Grand Canyon Skywalk as a design and finance partner.

The Skywalk is a U-shaped glass bridge that affords immersive views of the Grand Canyon. Suspended 4,000 feet off the ground, it is difficult to clean, but in May of 2016, technicians completed the job.

Using tools such as a camera that permitted live streaming, technicians could communicate with engineers while seeking out parts of the bridge that needed repairs or additional work. Although being so high off the ground might seem daunting, Abseilon USA Rope Access technician Casey Gilmore explains that the workers, focused on the task at hand, soon forgot about the possibility of falling. All received special training so they could understand the intricacies of the unique structure.

Mark Hamilton Financial Backer for the Grand Canyon Skywalk


The Prime Cure – Toward a Neothink System of Human Health

The Prime Cure pic
The Prime Cure

Mark Hamilton leads the Neothink Society, which provides members from diverse segments of American society with entrepreneurial, creative ways of achieving fulfillment and success in life. Mark Hamilton has written extensively about Neothink. One very well-received book is The Prime Cure, a 2,800-page volume on health that sets out a cause-and-effect paradigm for achieving a practical solution for our most pressing issues.

One key facet of this involves truly understanding the components that make life meaningful. Through living creative existences free from stagnation and a sense of following orders, people gain a desire to live longer. This in turn drives scientific efforts to discover a way to overcome the aging process, just as earlier research led to the development of vaccines to eradicate polio and malaria.

Unleashing the scientific community’s potential to find a cure for aging involves unlocking the power of freedom and wealth and directing it in a focused manner, Mr. Hamilton theorizes. This will lead in turn to a demand-and-supply matrix that takes human needs into real consideration and will provide a fast track to life unimpaired by the inevitability of aging.

Mark Hamilton’s Twelve Visions Party

Twelve Visions Party pic
Twelve Visions Party

The author of the Neothink Manuscripts, Mark Hamilton is also the founder of the Twelve Visions Party, which is part of his Neothink Society.

The Twelve Visions Party is based on the idea that every government in society has used force. The Twelve Visions Party, however, seeks to eliminate the use of force.

One of the main ideas of the Twelve Visions Party states, “The purpose of human live is to prosper and live happily.” The Twelve Visions Party’s Prime Law also states that the government will “provide the conditions that let individuals fulfill that purpose.”

Mark Hamilton believes that if the use of force in government was banished, individuals would have the ability to be happy, wealthy, and prosperous. Hamilton also believes that in this way of life, it would be easier for scientific research to occur and business would flourish.

The Twelve Visions Party has had some success in the political arena. In the 2012 general presidential election, the party’s candidates were in seventh place and in 2013, a Twelve Visions Party member came in third in the race to fill Senator John Kerry’s seat.

Neothink Society Founder Helps With Financial Backing of Skywalk

Grand Canyon Skywalk pic
Grand Canyon Skywalk

Neothink Society founder Mark Hamilton is one of the financial backers of the Grand Canyon Skywalk. He was part of Grand Canyon Skywalk Development LLC, which created the walkway. The attraction is located on Hualapai Tribe land and is operated by the tribe. A horseshoe-shaped glass bridge suspended over the western rim of the Grand Canyon, the Skywalk gives visitors a bird’s-eye view of the canyon from a height of 4,000 feet.

Mark Hamilton, Neothink founder, got involved with the Skywalk project after seeing a rendition of the completed structure in a newspaper. Hamilton first fell in love with architecture after reading Ayn Rand’s The Fountainhead when he was younger. After seeing the renderings of the Skywalk, he got in touch with the Skywalk’s designer, David Jin.

For more information on the Grand Canyon Skywalk, located about two-and-a-half hours south of Las Vegas, Nevada, please visit the website at

The Secret Neothink Manuscripts

For many years, only those hand-selected by Mark Hamilton were able to read his Neothink Manuscripts. Existing members of the

Neothink Society
Neothink Society

used algorithms and profiling to selectively choose like-minded member prospects.

Many of these hand-selected prospects were invited into the society via first-class letters without any other type of contact. The perceived out-of-the-blue nature of this contact method led some selectees to come to the conclusion that the secret society was a scam. However, selectees who responded to the invitations were sent orientation information and the opportunity to access Mark Hamilton’s manuscripts. The society grew to comprise a membership of 2 million individuals.

In 2014, after more than 35 years of keeping his manuscripts a secret from the general public, Hamilton released portions online. The public now has the opportunity to read the once-clandestine manuscripts in their entirety by purchasing them. To view excerpts of the manuscripts and to begin the process of accessing the texts in their entirety, visit