The Prime Cure – Toward a Neothink System of Human Health

The Prime Cure pic
The Prime Cure

Mark Hamilton leads the Neothink Society, which provides members from diverse segments of American society with entrepreneurial, creative ways of achieving fulfillment and success in life. Mark Hamilton has written extensively about Neothink. One very well-received book is The Prime Cure, a 2,800-page volume on health that sets out a cause-and-effect paradigm for achieving a practical solution for our most pressing issues.

One key facet of this involves truly understanding the components that make life meaningful. Through living creative existences free from stagnation and a sense of following orders, people gain a desire to live longer. This in turn drives scientific efforts to discover a way to overcome the aging process, just as earlier research led to the development of vaccines to eradicate polio and malaria.

Unleashing the scientific community’s potential to find a cure for aging involves unlocking the power of freedom and wealth and directing it in a focused manner, Mr. Hamilton theorizes. This will lead in turn to a demand-and-supply matrix that takes human needs into real consideration and will provide a fast track to life unimpaired by the inevitability of aging.