The Twelve Visions Party: Supporting and Protecting the Individual

Twelve Visions Party pic
Twelve Visions Party

Mark Hamilton has written many books on life, politics, culture, and economics from the perspective of his Neothink philosophy. He has also founded a political party called Twelve Visions. The party is the political branch of Mark Hamilton’s Neothink Society think tank.

The Twelve Visions party aims to put the needs of each individual above any specific class or voting segment of the population. Here, Democratic values of tolerance, acceptance, and protection for all are appreciated, as are the Republican values of fiscal responsibility and limited government. These values have been corrupted, however, by these parties’ desire to gain power. By taking on the good qualities of both sides and correcting the drive towards power, the Twelve Visions party would create a system that allows for the health, wealth, and protection of each individual.

The guiding principle for the Twelve Visions party is the Prime Law, which holds that the purpose of government is to help each individual achieve his purpose: to prosper and be happy. By prohibiting initiatory force, coercion, or fraud, the Prime Law guarantees those conditions, thus allowing the individual and society to evolve and thrive.