The Prime Cure – Toward a Neothink System of Human Health

The Prime Cure pic
The Prime Cure

Mark Hamilton leads the Neothink Society, which provides members from diverse segments of American society with entrepreneurial, creative ways of achieving fulfillment and success in life. Mark Hamilton has written extensively about Neothink. One very well-received book is The Prime Cure, a 2,800-page volume on health that sets out a cause-and-effect paradigm for achieving a practical solution for our most pressing issues.

One key facet of this involves truly understanding the components that make life meaningful. Through living creative existences free from stagnation and a sense of following orders, people gain a desire to live longer. This in turn drives scientific efforts to discover a way to overcome the aging process, just as earlier research led to the development of vaccines to eradicate polio and malaria.

Unleashing the scientific community’s potential to find a cure for aging involves unlocking the power of freedom and wealth and directing it in a focused manner, Mr. Hamilton theorizes. This will lead in turn to a demand-and-supply matrix that takes human needs into real consideration and will provide a fast track to life unimpaired by the inevitability of aging.


Mark Hamilton’s Twelve Visions Party

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Twelve Visions Party

The author of the Neothink Manuscripts, Mark Hamilton is also the founder of the Twelve Visions Party, which is part of his Neothink Society.

The Twelve Visions Party is based on the idea that every government in society has used force. The Twelve Visions Party, however, seeks to eliminate the use of force.

One of the main ideas of the Twelve Visions Party states, “The purpose of human live is to prosper and live happily.” The Twelve Visions Party’s Prime Law also states that the government will “provide the conditions that let individuals fulfill that purpose.”

Mark Hamilton believes that if the use of force in government was banished, individuals would have the ability to be happy, wealthy, and prosperous. Hamilton also believes that in this way of life, it would be easier for scientific research to occur and business would flourish.

The Twelve Visions Party has had some success in the political arena. In the 2012 general presidential election, the party’s candidates were in seventh place and in 2013, a Twelve Visions Party member came in third in the race to fill Senator John Kerry’s seat.

Mark Hamilton’s History of Writing

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An American writer, philosopher, and scientist, Mark Hamilton is the son of Dr. Frank R. Wallace, who was a chemist at E.I. duPont de Nemours and Company. In 1979, Hamilton coauthored his first book, Neocheating: The Rising Menace to Poker, Blackjack, Bridge and Gin, with his father and William S. That book was followed by 1985’s Neo Tech Control: Rapid Power and Wealth through Iron-Grip Control of Everything That Moves.

Since his first work in 1979, Mark Hamilton has written more than 20 books on the Neothink ideas. His work doesn’t stop with politics. He has written about economics, business, psychology, health, self-improvement, and religion as part of his Neothink series.

Mark Hamilton has also created a genre he calls “faction” with Superpuzzle, a 1,200-page trilogy. In Superpuzzle, he describes what he thinks is the perfect society. Some who have read the trilogy have been “moved to tears” by what they have read.

Mark Hamilton has also written a series of Neothink manuscripts. Mark Hamilton’s Neothink manuscripts were, up until 2014, only available to select members of the Neothink Society. Now, parts of the Neothink manuscripts are available online, with the full texts available for purchase.

Transitioning from “Following Mode” to Self Leadership with Neothink

The founder of the Neothink system, author and philosopher Mark Hamilton leads an organization focused on evolving human society and enabling people to achieve happiness and financial success. Mark Hamilton has authored numerous Neothink books on self-improvement and psychological topics, with an emphasis on enabling people to break free of personal limitations.

These limitations are relics of a “following-mode” mentality that hearkens back to primitive societies where following others’ external commands was a key attribute of success. Mr. Hamilton provides a blueprint on how to bypass pervasive limitations and move into a self-directed thinking process.

This ultimately leads to Neothinking, which involves integrating various aspects of knowledge within the brain in the same way puzzle pieces are used. Once these various aspects of thought are working together productively, a creation-driven mentality takes hold. Rather than simply following orders and directions, the individual becomes a self-leader who is able to live the life that he or she truly finds fulfilling.

“The Prime Cure” – Toward a Future of True Scientific Progress

The Prime Cure pic
The Prime Cure

A noted American economist and political thinker, Mark Hamilton heads the Neothink Society and has written dozens of well-received books on topics from philosophy to the division of labor. In his 2012 book “The Prime Cure – The Definitive Treatment to Curing Aging & Discovering Eternal Youth,” Mark Hamilton explores Neothink concepts rooted in the groundbreaking work of his father, the philosophy-driven scientist Dr. Frank R. Wallace.

A core focus of the nearly 3,000-page long work are means of breaking through a sense of stagnation, which comes to many from a deadening workplace environment. The system in place divides labor in ways that treat workers like automatons and provide them with highly repetitive tasks to perform. The result is that creativity and self-direction are undervalued and society itself is organized in a rote, inefficient manner.

The Prime Cure ties breaking through these society-imposed barriers with a process of depoliticizing the American system and allowing research and development that really matters to proceed. The end result of lives focused on original creation is the potential to develop new breakthroughs that will extend lives and increase human happiness.

Jesus’ Teachings as a Path toward Human Consciousness

Human Consciousness pic
Human Consciousness

Mark Hamilton has led the Neothink Society for 35 years and authored books on diverse philosophic, business, and political issues. A sizable number of Mark Hamilton’s Neothink works draw focus on the Old and New Testament and the way in which the events of the Bible, from Abraham to the exodus of the Jews, represent an evolution from a bicameral “follower” mentality toward individual choice and decisions.

The evolution of human consciousness reached its full transition with Jesus, who represented the first example of the “mind leading itself,” able to make decisions of justice and morality on its own. As Hamilton conceives it, one of Jesus’ major efforts involved taking local people from peasant origins and guiding them toward human consciousness. This was enacted to protect the common people from educated and fully conscious elite overlords, the Romans.

Many of the concepts involved in Jesus’ teaching were thus metaphors for making the leap from a bicameral way of thinking, toward a self-directed God-like conscious mentality. Jesus’ teaching to peasants, still immersed in a bicameral mindset, acted as a direct threat to the establishment, which resulted in his ultimate crucifixion.

Former Secret Society Grants Public Access to Neothink Manuscripts

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Mark Hamilton, Neothink

Neothink Society founder Mark Hamilton has kept his group exclusive for 35 years. Individuals are carefully selected before being invited into the society. Previously, each of them underwent a rigorous nomination and induction process before they were granted access to Mark Hamilton’s Neothink® literature. Today, portions of the manuscript can be viewed and acquired by anyone outside the loyal members of Neothink Society.

Neothink literature aims to show the importance of human life by providing clear and proven techniques geared towards one’s success, personally and professionally. The manuscript teaches how people should live the way they were designed to be.

Members get access to world class live mentoring teachings and interactive calls by senior mentors handpicked by Mark Hamilton. Additionally, Neothink membership includes tools and resources, the latest activity updates, and a forum where members can interact with each other. There are also clubhouse events where members from different places can physically meet for social and intellectual interactions.