Neothink Business Alliance – Unlocking Free Market Potential

Neothink Business Alliance pic
Neothink Business Alliance

Mark Hamilton guides the Neothink Society and oversees an organization that stands at the forefront of many of the issues facing society today, from politics to human health. Mark Hamilton has developed a number of revolutionary business processes that he brings together in ways that benefit members through the Neothink Business Alliance.

The aim of the Alliance is to leverage marketplace mechanisms and the economic clout of members in enabling the super puzzle to be completed. Doing so will solve key issues associated with aging and open practical pathways toward biological immortality. The Alliance embodies a new business philosophy that encompasses vendors and suppliers who share a mission of moving beyond the “white collar hoax” and unlocking the vast potential of truly free markets and laissez-faire capitalism.

Neothink Business Alliance solutions are geared both to entrepreneurs with a vision they would like to turn into reality and existing companies with value-creating processes in place. Aspects of this include the Marketing Hub and Master Minds, which bring together thought leaders spanning the arts, sciences, and business communities.


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