Ideal – Ayn Rand’s Posthumous Novel

Ideal pic

Mark Hamilton founded Neothink, which includes writings and philosophies on a wide range of subjects. One of the authors who inspired Mark Hamilton in the creation of Neothink was Ayn Rand, best known for books such as Atlas Shrugged.

In 2015, Rand’s book Ideal was published posthumously. The book tells the story of an actress named Kay Gonda, on the run after being suspected of killing a billionaire with whom she’d had dinner. Equipped with letters from six different fans, she seeks help from them but is disappointed until she meets her last fan, who frames himself to save her.

Although Rand wrote this book in 1934, it remained unknown by her many fans for decades. The play version of this work was published in the collection The Early Ayn Rand. At the time she wrote it, Rand was 29 and working as a screenwriter in Hollywood. Unable to find a producer who would take on the project, Rand went on to publish other work. Ideal had a critical reception because of a perceived lack of conflict in the story.


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