The Secret Neothink Manuscripts

For many years, only those hand-selected by Mark Hamilton were able to read his Neothink Manuscripts. Existing members of the

Neothink Society
Neothink Society

used algorithms and profiling to selectively choose like-minded member prospects.

Many of these hand-selected prospects were invited into the society via first-class letters without any other type of contact. The perceived out-of-the-blue nature of this contact method led some selectees to come to the conclusion that the secret society was a scam. However, selectees who responded to the invitations were sent orientation information and the opportunity to access Mark Hamilton’s manuscripts. The society grew to comprise a membership of 2 million individuals.

In 2014, after more than 35 years of keeping his manuscripts a secret from the general public, Hamilton released portions online. The public now has the opportunity to read the once-clandestine manuscripts in their entirety by purchasing them. To view excerpts of the manuscripts and to begin the process of accessing the texts in their entirety, visit


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