Mark Hamilton’s History of Writing

Neocheating pic

An American writer, philosopher, and scientist, Mark Hamilton is the son of Dr. Frank R. Wallace, who was a chemist at E.I. duPont de Nemours and Company. In 1979, Hamilton coauthored his first book, Neocheating: The Rising Menace to Poker, Blackjack, Bridge and Gin, with his father and William S. That book was followed by 1985’s Neo Tech Control: Rapid Power and Wealth through Iron-Grip Control of Everything That Moves.

Since his first work in 1979, Mark Hamilton has written more than 20 books on the Neothink ideas. His work doesn’t stop with politics. He has written about economics, business, psychology, health, self-improvement, and religion as part of his Neothink series.

Mark Hamilton has also created a genre he calls “faction” with Superpuzzle, a 1,200-page trilogy. In Superpuzzle, he describes what he thinks is the perfect society. Some who have read the trilogy have been “moved to tears” by what they have read.

Mark Hamilton has also written a series of Neothink manuscripts. Mark Hamilton’s Neothink manuscripts were, up until 2014, only available to select members of the Neothink Society. Now, parts of the Neothink manuscripts are available online, with the full texts available for purchase.


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