Transitioning from “Following Mode” to Self Leadership with Neothink

The founder of the Neothink system, author and philosopher Mark Hamilton leads an organization focused on evolving human society and enabling people to achieve happiness and financial success. Mark Hamilton has authored numerous Neothink books on self-improvement and psychological topics, with an emphasis on enabling people to break free of personal limitations.

These limitations are relics of a “following-mode” mentality that hearkens back to primitive societies where following others’ external commands was a key attribute of success. Mr. Hamilton provides a blueprint on how to bypass pervasive limitations and move into a self-directed thinking process.

This ultimately leads to Neothinking, which involves integrating various aspects of knowledge within the brain in the same way puzzle pieces are used. Once these various aspects of thought are working together productively, a creation-driven mentality takes hold. Rather than simply following orders and directions, the individual becomes a self-leader who is able to live the life that he or she truly finds fulfilling.


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