“The Prime Cure” – Toward a Future of True Scientific Progress

The Prime Cure pic
The Prime Cure
Image: amazon.com

A noted American economist and political thinker, Mark Hamilton heads the Neothink Society and has written dozens of well-received books on topics from philosophy to the division of labor. In his 2012 book “The Prime Cure – The Definitive Treatment to Curing Aging & Discovering Eternal Youth,” Mark Hamilton explores Neothink concepts rooted in the groundbreaking work of his father, the philosophy-driven scientist Dr. Frank R. Wallace.

A core focus of the nearly 3,000-page long work are means of breaking through a sense of stagnation, which comes to many from a deadening workplace environment. The system in place divides labor in ways that treat workers like automatons and provide them with highly repetitive tasks to perform. The result is that creativity and self-direction are undervalued and society itself is organized in a rote, inefficient manner.

The Prime Cure ties breaking through these society-imposed barriers with a process of depoliticizing the American system and allowing research and development that really matters to proceed. The end result of lives focused on original creation is the potential to develop new breakthroughs that will extend lives and increase human happiness.


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