Jesus’ Teachings as a Path toward Human Consciousness

Human Consciousness pic
Human Consciousness

Mark Hamilton has led the Neothink Society for 35 years and authored books on diverse philosophic, business, and political issues. A sizable number of Mark Hamilton’s Neothink works draw focus on the Old and New Testament and the way in which the events of the Bible, from Abraham to the exodus of the Jews, represent an evolution from a bicameral “follower” mentality toward individual choice and decisions.

The evolution of human consciousness reached its full transition with Jesus, who represented the first example of the “mind leading itself,” able to make decisions of justice and morality on its own. As Hamilton conceives it, one of Jesus’ major efforts involved taking local people from peasant origins and guiding them toward human consciousness. This was enacted to protect the common people from educated and fully conscious elite overlords, the Romans.

Many of the concepts involved in Jesus’ teaching were thus metaphors for making the leap from a bicameral way of thinking, toward a self-directed God-like conscious mentality. Jesus’ teaching to peasants, still immersed in a bicameral mindset, acted as a direct threat to the establishment, which resulted in his ultimate crucifixion.


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