Activities at the Grand Canyon West

Hualapai Ranch pic
Hualapai Ranch

A graduate of the University of Nevada, Mark Hamilton is the creator and owner of the Neothink Society. Outside of his professional work with Neothink, Mark Hamilton is a financial backer of the Grand Canyon Skywalk at the Grand Canyon West.

Located two hours from Las Vegas and operated by the Grand Canyon Resort Corporation, Grand Canyon West features numerous activities for visitors. In addition to the skywalk, which is a glass bridge 4,000 feet above the bottom of the canyon, visitors can tour Native American villages or ride a helicopter to a pontoon boat on the Colorado River.

The nearby Hualapai Ranch is another popular tourist site. The ranch features guided horseback rides, cowboy activities, dining amenities, and cabins. It also provides shuttle access to the lookout points Eagle Point and Guano Point. Lastly, the Colorado River provides a premier spot for whitewater rafting, which is available as one- or two-day excursions for individuals or families.


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