Former Secret Society Grants Public Access to Neothink Manuscripts

Mark Hamilton, Neothink pic
Mark Hamilton, Neothink

Neothink Society founder Mark Hamilton has kept his group exclusive for 35 years. Individuals are carefully selected before being invited into the society. Previously, each of them underwent a rigorous nomination and induction process before they were granted access to Mark Hamilton’s Neothink® literature. Today, portions of the manuscript can be viewed and acquired by anyone outside the loyal members of Neothink Society.

Neothink literature aims to show the importance of human life by providing clear and proven techniques geared towards one’s success, personally and professionally. The manuscript teaches how people should live the way they were designed to be.

Members get access to world class live mentoring teachings and interactive calls by senior mentors handpicked by Mark Hamilton. Additionally, Neothink membership includes tools and resources, the latest activity updates, and a forum where members can interact with each other. There are also clubhouse events where members from different places can physically meet for social and intellectual interactions.


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