The Twelve Visions Political Party

Twelve Visions Party pic
Twelve Visions Party

Members of the Neothink Society subscribe to the Neothink philosophy brought forward through Mark Hamilton’s many books, which include Happiness Forever and A Future of Wealth Belongs to You. As a key aspect of the society, which Mark Hamilton founded, clubhouses exist all over the United States, bringing members together to discuss Neothink topics and support the Twelve Visions Party.

The Twelve Visions Party follows what is called the Prime Law, which argues that every person has the right to be wealthy and happy, and that the purpose of government is to fulfill that possibility. With a government in place that can protect individuals from initiatory force, coercion, and fraud, each person will be free to follow his or her own happiness.

While the philosophy of the Twelve Visions Party was developed specifically to address issues that exist in the United States, the platform is intended to effect a paradigm shift on a global scale, freeing people everywhere from the oppression and illusions that would prevent them from living a healthy, happy, and wealthy life.

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