Two Books for Followers of Neothink to Read

The Prime Cure Image:
The Prime Cure

The Neothink Society was founded by economist, activist, and orator Mark Hamilton. Also a published author, Mark Hamilton supports the organization by publishing educational resources for members to read.

Neothink followers have access to numerous publications to gain more knowledge on topics ranging from politics to health. Among the books they may wish to read is The Prime Cure. The publication is a 2,800-page book that took more than three decades to complete. It offers insight on eradicating diseases by presenting information illustrating the correlation between cause and effect. In addition, The Prime Cure addresses how to cure the disease of aging.

Neothink Superpuzzle is another resource that inspires readers to achieve a life they desire. The trilogy consists of more than 1,200 pages. The first book is Conceiving the Superpuzzle – The Secret Society Begins. The second and third are Putting Together the Pieces – The Secret Society Reunites and Beholding the Puzzle-Picture – The Secret Society Triumphs, respectively.


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