Neothink Business Alliance Supports Connections and Innovation

Neothink Business Alliance pic
Neothink Business Alliance

An experienced political activist with a background in business, economics, psychology, and self-improvement, Mark Hamilton has reached audiences in more than 200 countries worldwide as the founder of the Neothink Society. Mark Hamilton leads the think tank in providing members with access to a range of resources, among them the Neothink Business Alliance.

The Neothink Business Alliance allows members to leverage the buying power of the marketplace to achieve biological immortality by making diverse professional connections and learning new business philosophies. It operates according to a vision of uniting companies and individuals, and places emphasis on honesty and passion for business. Furthermore, its mission focuses on unlocking the true essence of laissez-faire capitalism and free markets.

Members make connections with individuals and businesses outside and within the society to explore new business philosophies and support the depoliticization of the country through the Twelve Visions Party, an affiliated political party. The alliance also offers members the opportunity to become Neothink partners through the promotion and sale of their products to the Neothink community. In addition, senior mentors within the society can help members transform ideas into successful products.

To learn more about the Neothink Business Alliance, visit


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