Neothink Clubhouses Serve Neothink Society Members Nationwide

Neothink Clubhouses pic
Neothink Clubhouses

Neothink Society and Twelve Visions Party (TVP) founder Mark Hamilton possesses over three decades of experience in political activism and has published numerous works on business, economics, health, psychology, and religion. Mark Hamilton serves Neothink Society members across the country through the Neothink Clubhouse network.

Clubhouses serve the purpose of providing socialization with like-minded individuals and stimulating dialogue on topics regarding Prime Literature, Prime Law, and other Neothink Society concepts. Designed to encourage communication between members, they provide the tools that enable senior mentors and Prime Literature believers alike to incorporate literature policies and practices into their daily lives. Furthermore, they unite members in taking action to move the world forward and actively supporting Neothink’s political platform, TVP.

Members of the society can find Clubhouse locations in over a dozen states, with new locations continuing to emerge. Whereas Clubhouses are planned for Canada and Hawaii, they already exist in Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, and Texas. Furthermore, Clubhouses will offer their own series of events and meetings for members within their state.


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